New Jersey Republican Gubernatorial Primary Marks First Battle In Republican Party Civil War

Written by Hirsh Singh for Insider NJ.

On June 8th, hundreds of thousands of New Jersey Republican primary voters will play a critical role in deciding the future of the Republican Party for generations to come. Voters will be faced with a very clear choice – a Republican Party that yearns for the days of playing nice with Democrats and the permanent Washington political class, or a Republican Party that fully embraces President Donald Trump and the America First movement. I know the great patriots of this state will choose the latter option and vote for me, Hirsh Singh, as their Republican nominee for Governor of New Jersey.

My opponent, Jack Ciattarelli, is hopelessly stuck in the past and out of touch with today’s conservative movement. He is unapologetically running to recreate the Republican Party that appeals to RINO Mitt Romney supporters rather than MAGA supporters. Jack hates President Trump and the “basket of deplorables” that helped form the greatest political movement in the history of this country. Don’t take my word for it, just look at what he’s said publicly. In 2015, Jack Ciattarelli condemned President Trump as a “charlatan” who was “out of step with the Party of Lincoln” and embarrassing our country. In 2016, Ciattarelli refused to vote for President Trump, instead calling on him to end his campaign and drop out of the race to allow Hillary Clinton to win. Now that he’s running for Governor again in the Republican Primary after four years of accomplishments under the Trump Administration, Jack’s singing a different tune.

Now he expects the Republican voters of New Jersey to not believe their lying eyes. He thinks you’re gullible enough to forget about his unapologetic never-Trump past and give him the chance to get blown out by Phil Murphy in November. But I know Garden State voters are too smart for that. Jack betrayed his party and the millions of forgotten men and women of this country who were tired of the establishment and wanted to drain the swamp. He can’t make us forget that reality and he can’t take any credit for the historic victories delivered by President Trump and his Administration during his four historic years in office.

While President Trump defended the sanctity of every human life and stood unapologetically as the most pro-life President in modern history, Jack Ciattarelli stayed quiet and firm in his pro-abortion stance. While President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Job Act, the largest tax reform package in history, Jack Ciattarelli urged tax hikes. While President Trump tirelessly safeguarded Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, Jack Ciattarelli was sponsoring bills to create a statewide gun buyback program. Jack was so weak on gun rights that the National Rifle Association denied him an endorsement in his 2015 Assembly campaign. And while President Trump went to Washington and fought to drain the Washington D.C. swamp, Jack hired lobbyist members of the Trenton swamp to run his campaign. Simply put, never-Trumper Jack Ciattarelli is disqualified to be the Republican nominee for Governor this November based on his record alone. If he wants a better chance, he should be honest with himself and the voters of our state, switch parties, and run against Phil Murphy in the Democrat Primary.

On the other hand, I have a well-documented conservative record. I’m a proud pro-Trump Republican and I have never abandoned my party or president. I supported President Trump’s pro-life agenda throughout his entire term in office. I will fight every day to protect pro-life values in our state and prohibit Planned Parenthood from getting even one dollar of taxpayer money.  I proudly supported President Trump’s historic Tax Cut and Jobs Act, which cut taxes for millions of American families and implemented reforms for workers to get ahead. I will never waver on protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding New Jerseyans’ to defend themselves and their families. I fully backed President Trump’s crucial mission to drain the swamp and reign in lobbyists. Unlike my opponent, I don’t have any swampy lobbyists running my campaign or telling me what to do.

The choice in this election could not be clearer, and the stakes have never been higher. We cannot let Jack Ciattarelli win our party’s nomination for Governor and take us back to the RINO days of losing elections. Because make no mistake about it, not only is Jack Ciattarelli a proud never-Trumper, but he will also get spanked by Phil Murphy in November. He doesn’t represent our party or our movement. I’m the only candidate in this race who is proudly pro-Trump and can win in November. I’m Hirsh Singh and I’m asking for your vote on June 8th because I want to make New Jersey Great Again.

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