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  • New Jersey’s most valuable (non-natural) resource is our infrastructure!

    We are the backbone of America, connecting Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. Our international ports of trade and transit unite America with the world, yet our infrastructure is crumbling!

    We need to:

    -Build the Gateway Tunnel to decongest our daily c…Read More

  • Growing evidence shows that innovative approaches to drug laws are working.

    In keeping with these successes, it is time to regulate and tax cannabis in the same way as alcohol. This strategy will free up law enforcement to combat more serious issues, such as illegal smuggling across our borders. It will also encourage the treatment of drug…Read More

  • The Second Amendment guarantees our constitutional right to own firearms, carry them how we choose and use them in defense of ourselves and our loved ones.

    We must affirm these rights in New Jersey, remove limitations to ownership and concealed carry, and enact reciprocity legislation to ensure our constitutional rights are respected within and…Read More

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