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    New Jersey’s most valuable (non-natural) resource is our infrastructure!

    We are the backbone of America, connecting Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. Our international ports of trade and transit unite America with the world, yet our infrastructure is crumbling!

    We need to:

    -Build the Gateway Tunnel to decongest our daily commute between New Jersey and New York City.
    -Restart the North Jersey to South Jersey Blue Comet Train. Only about 26 miles of track are needed to be repaired and replaced.
    -Expand lanes between Philadelphia, Camden and Atlantic City to reduce ridiculous traffic problems.
    -Build a bridge from Cape May to Lewes, DE to make a parallel corridor with I-95. This would decongest the existing interstate and spur massive growth in South Jersey.
    -Fix our roads! Potholes have become a de facto tax on the citizens and are not acceptable!

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My Grandfather was an economist and started on his journey for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness when arriving in America in 1974 and lived in Ocean County, Lakewood, New Jersey. He brought my father here and taught him the path to the American Dream was through integrity and hard work. My family started at the bottom and they instilled the values of hard work and dedication. My father successfully started a small business that went on to support a number of our federal agencies including the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy and others.

I was born in Atlantic City, raised in South Jersey, earned an engineering degree at New Jersey Institute of Technology and followed in my father’s footsteps running our family-owned engineering business specializing in missile defense, satellite navigation, and aviation security and safety. From protecting the skyways across our nation to helping develop the communications backbone for our war-fighters abroad, I have focused for more than a decade-long career on protecting our citizens and our homeland.

As a businessman, I created jobs, made payroll and helped ensure the success of our men and women in uniform. With each project we completed, my admiration grew for those in the military who take an oath to protect our country from all enemies foreign and domestic.

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