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    1 year, 6 months ago

    The Second Amendment guarantees our constitutional right to own firearms, carry them how we choose and use them in defense of ourselves and our loved ones.

    We must affirm these rights in New Jersey, remove limitations to ownership and concealed carry, and enact reciprocity legislation to ensure our constitutional rights are respected within and beyond our state borders.

    • If you win you need to enact reciprocity! Our state is so backwards when it comes to 2nd amendment issues. We deserve the right to protect ourselves and our families. As a new father, I would love to be able to conceal carry to protect my family out in the public. As a responsible gun owner for the past 7+ years in this state, all these laws are hurting us. And by us I mean the safe and responsible gun owners.

      • When we win we will completely make NJ a right to carry state again. We will bring back National Reciprocity and concealed carry.

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