Hirsh Singh: “Vaccine ‘Passports’ Over My Dead Body”

The following is a message from Hirsh Singh:

The totalitarian mindset of the Democrat Party is breathtaking.

Multiple reports say that the Biden Administration is working to develop mandatory vaccine “passports” or “travel passes.”

Our families didn’t come to this great country legally in order to have Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Anthony Fauci, tell us we can’t travel without undergoing forced vaccinations.

What’s next?

Will Americans be tied down and vaccinated against their will while the Communist Democrats work to end fair elections, eliminate the Second Amendment, and open the border to illegal aliens who aren’t even vaccinated?

We are truly living in insane times.

But that’s why our race for governor is so critically important.

Our efforts to take back Congress in 2022 and take back the Presidency in 2024 begin this year in New Jersey where we can generate the momentum we need to WIN!

President Trump showed us just how deep and treacherous the Swamp really is.

Now we have to resolve to drain it once and for all.

As the next Governor of New Jersey, I’ll fight with every fiber of my being to protect our Constitutional rights.

Join my campaign today to send a message: no forced vaccines and no vaccine passports!

For any inquiries, please send an email to: press@hirshsingh.com.

Additional information is available on our official website and Facebook page.

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