Singh Calls on Murphy and Currie to Denounce Violence Against Americans

LINWOOD, NJ – Conservative outsider, anti-establishment leader, and gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh today called on Tyrannical Phil Murphy and his hand-picked Democrat State Chairman, John Currie, to denounce the recent violence against Americans in our nation’s capital that Democrats across the country have countenanced with their silence.

“Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of Americans descended on our nation’s capital to call attention to troubling reports of apparent electoral discrepancies and demonstrable voter fraud. ¬†Their assembly was entirely peaceful until darkness fell and the radical, paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party, known as Antifa, moved in to attack families, senior citizens, and other vulnerable Americans,” Singh said.

“Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden who has offered hollow calls for ‘unity,’ ‘healing,’ and other similarly vapid platitudes has failed to rebuke his followers for their violent and illegal conduct,” Singh said. ¬†“But Phil Murphy, John Currie and the rest of the Democrat state leadership have also been silent.

“Murphy and Currie should immediately denounce the Democrat activists that brought violence and mayhem to Washington D.C. this past weekend and Murphy in particular should warn them that any similar criminal activity in New Jersey will be quickly terminated.

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