Singh Rebukes Sumter, Educates her on Democrat Party’s Racist History

LINWOOD, NJ – On Monday, New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh responded to an attack from Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter, in the 35th Legislative District, who is in denial about and refuses to acknowledge the Democrat Party’s racist history.

Sumter claimed Singh is “attention seeking” for responding to Chairman John Currie’s calls to recognize Joe Biden as President-elect, which Singh refused to do. In fact, Singh urged Currie to switch parties and join the Republican Party over the well-documented historical racism of the Democrat Party. In her attempt to attack Singh Assemblywoman Sumter insulted South Asian History.

“Assembly Member Shavonda Sumter’s response to me proves the point that she is not allowed by her party’s bosses to oppose the obnoxious and racist statements of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton,” says Singh. “This is the problem we need to fix immediately.”

Sumter has declared her support for and recognition of Joe Biden as the new President-elect, even as votes are still being tallied across numerous key battleground states.

Singh has filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court against Sumter’s Democrat colleague, Tyrannical Governor Phil Murphy’s illegal vote by mail election system because it violates the Freedom of Information Act.

“I challenge Assemblywoman Sumter to admit that Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are racists for calling black Americans predators and superpredators. Once again, I want to point out that the Democrat Party is a racist party that fought in the Civil War to keep slavery alive and is the party of Ku Klux Klan.”

Numerous Trump supporters and officials have corroborated Singh’s claims regarding the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party, members of which comprised nearly the entire KKK organization in the mid 1800’s during the height of its era.

“Under the Democrat Party, black Americans are treated in a horrible manner,” Singh continued. “The Democrat Party has been in control of cities where black Americans form a significant percentage of the population and the white bosses of the Democrat Party have ensured that the quality of life of black Americans is worse than in many third world countries. This is by design so that the white Democrat Party Bosses can claim to be their saviors.

“The Democrat Party is racist and most people of all races oppose the Democrats for this reason. The only way they win elections is by stealing them. The system that has been implemented during the course of this planned coronavirus pandemic is rigged from top to bottom. It is for this reason that I have decided to run for Governor and eliminate the rigging of our sacred electoral system. We need election integrity now.”

A link to the SCOTUS lawsuit can be found on Singh’s campaign website.

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